Greetings, Good Portlander!

I invite you to come see me.

I am Donna Stewart, L.Ac., PT, and you are invited to visit me at Peninsula Family Acupuncture. You can be young, or old, an alternative medicine believer, a skeptic, old Portland or new Portland, country folk, city folk, man or woman or in between. I’ll see your granny about her hip, your cousin with migraines, your best friend with the shoulder pain, your husband who can’t sleep, your kiddo with a tummy ache, you and your mom.

If you have a pulse, you are welcome here at Peninsula Family Acupuncture. All kinds of people are welcome here. Bring your ailments, diseases, chronic annoyances, weird symptoms and undiagnosable complaints. I will do my best to fix you up. I’ll bill your insurance, take your cash, your check or your credit card. You can see me early, see me late, or come in your pajamas on Saturday morning.

It’s a neighborhood joint, and all are welcome.