Shiatsu Massage

Did someone say massage? Not just any massage! A fantastic shiatsu massage! Shiatsu is massage therapy from Japan. It uses the same principles that are used in acupuncture, but instead of working the body with needles, we work with hands. The energy flow is encouraged and manipulated with thumb and finger pressure to leave you feeling relaxed, alert, and well. Some things I really appreciate about the kind of shiatsu I do are first, we treat the whole body every time. You shouldn’t leave feeling like something was left undone. Second, shiatsu is done with the clothes on. No getting naked, no oily skin! And third, the results seem to last. People report feelings of relief and well-being lasting longer than regular massage. Since it’s hard to describe, there is a short video below so you can see a shiatsu session in motion. 

Who should have shiatsu? Everyone. Shiatsu is a multi-dimensional medical treatment in addition to being a feel-good treat. Children can respond very well to shiatsu, and elderly as well, and it should not be ruled out as real treatment just because it feels good. If you are unclear whether to choose acupuncture or shiatsu, you can ask for my opinion, or you can try one session of each and see which works best for you. 

The style of shiatsu I practice is Quantum Shiatsu, which was developed by my teacher Pauline Sasaki. I have also studied with Lindy Ferrigno and Beck Stephens, also in the tradition of Zen Shiatsu and Quantum Shiatsu. Shiatsu is great stuff, and you really must try it. Sessions last approximately one hour (45 to 55 minutes, depending on the client). Of course, gift certificates are available, too! 

Shiatsu Massage FAQs

1. Does it hurt?

It’s not supposed to. Shiatsu is a firm massage, but should stay within your comfort range. Most clients report it is comfortably firm, and some people report an area of the body feels like “a good kind of pain” when it’s worked on. If treatment is feeling uncomfortable for any reason, tell me! I want your experience to be good!

2. How long is a shiatsu session?

About an hour. A shiatsu session treats the whole body, but treatment is still individualized to the person. A shiatsu session is a cohesive whole, which means it is possible to do too little, and possible to do too much for any particular person on the table. Therefore, depending on your needs, your treatment will range from 45 to 55 minutes.

3. What should I wear?

If you want to wear your own clothes for shiatsu, wear soft clothes like sweatpants or yoga pants, and a soft long or short sleeved t-shirt. I will give you socks to put on. If you come to your appointment wearing clothes that are not suitable, I have clothes here for you to put on, so no worries!

4. Should I tip you?

Tipping is not necessary. It is customary to tip your massage therapist when you go to the spa, but I have a medically-oriented practice, so tips are politely declined. I appreciate the thought, though!

5. Can I buy a gift certificate?

Yes! Call or email me about that!

6. Will it be just like the other shiatsu massages I used to get?

Probably not. Shiatsu is a varied discipline, and each therapist has their own style. I can’t replicate the treatments you used to get from that awesome gal in LA, but I have my own mojo.