Are you getting the results you want from your acupuncture treatments? Are you relying on your herbal skills to get your patients better? Do you secretly think of acupuncture as something for the patient to do while you make an herbal formula?

Take your acupuncture skills to the next level! In this class, Donna Stewart, L.Ac., PT, will show you five steps to performing effective acupuncture treatments, and you will have hands-on time with instructor feedback for practice. Are you dissatisfied with your acupuncture outcomes? Do you wonder why your treatments are not as impressive as your acupuncture heroes? With proper skills in evaluating and treating, you CAN get better outcomes from the points you are already using. This class is designed for people from all traditions of acupuncture. Take this class and be a better acupuncturist!


1. Participants will identify 5 steps to performing effective acupuncture treatments

2. Participants will learn to identify markers for progress within any acupuncture treatment.

3. Participants will learn to modify needle technique to achieve desired outcomes.

Course schedule

8:30 - 9:00 registration

9:00 - 12:45 Five steps to doing effective acupuncture treatments

Learn about effective evaluation specific to your acupuncture tradition that leads to proper treatment.

Learn about expecting acupoints to work, and finding the ones that do.

Learn about engaging the patient so you look like a rock star.

1:45-4:30 Continuing with the five steps

Demonstration and small group, supervised practice with instructor feedback so you can learn how to apply the concepts to your unique style.

Note: This course includes needling practice! It is only open to Licensed Acupuncturists. Limited to 20 participants.

CEUs: 6 NCCAOM approved, Core Knowledge category.

Location: East West College, 525 NE Oregon St, Portland, Oregon  97232

COST: $150, Early bird rate $125 if received by March 9, 2016.

How to register: Use the contact link to send a message requesting registration. I will send you a link to Square for you to pay your registration fee. Or, you can send me a check in the mail. Please include your license number and state of license in your enquiry. Thanks!