Donna Stewart, L.Ac., PT

Donna Stewart, Licensed Acupuncturist

Donna Stewart, Licensed Acupuncturist

I am a science nerd with a crush on hope and beauty. I started off with a Physical Therapy degree way back when, and enjoyed doing that for awhile. Then some career upheaval sent me off to acupuncture school without having really thought things through. Fortunately, I completely love it! I’ve lived in the St Johns neighborhood of Portland since 1999, and have been blessed to be the proprietor of Peninsula Family Acupuncture since 2003. I am certified in Acupuncture and Chinese Herbology by the NCCAOM, and licensed by the state of Oregon in Acupuncture and Physical Therapy.

I love science, and puzzles, and magic, and people. My practice allows me to indulge in all those things every day! When I’m not working, I tend to the way too many animals I have, plan far off travels, lie on the couch while neglecting chores, and comb the internet for meaty tidbits about medical advances. My cat Bruno can often be found blocking the door to the clinic, as I have not yet succeeded in persuading him that clinic greeter is not an option for employment. 

FAQs About Me

Ha ha! You will have to ask me!

My Treatment Philosophy

I collaborate with your physician

Patients are best served by having a team of providers to treat them. My medicine works great for a lot of things, but you still need your doctor. Your doctor is good at doing what she or he does, and I am good at doing what I do. Any particular situation may require one or both of us, or other providers, too. Chinese medicine, especially acupuncture, can absolutely be combined with conventional care.

I collaborate with you

I can’t fix you all by myself! My feeling about medical care is it is a collaboration between provider and patient. You have a problem, or problems, and you and I work together to see how much we can fix it. It is important to me to hear your experience and your ideas. I will do my best to choose effective treatments for you, and in return you need to keep track of how you are feeling and provide feedback.