Chinese Herbal Medicine

Tummy aches, allergies, arthritis, fatigue, infertility, bowel troubles, and so many more things can be a sure sign some plant medicine is needed.

Ah, the plants! Beautiful, potent, helpful plants! This entire planet is populated with helpful things! Chinese herbal medicine has evolved over the millennia into a sophisticated application of plant and animal stuffs for the treatment of human disease. Do they taste terrible? Generally, yes! But we do have some medicines available in pills, and really, a little honey in the tea makes a difference. The prescription of herbal medicines is both one of the most basic human activities dating back to prehistory, and one of the most sophisticated and refined medical traditions practiced in the world today. The Chinese have developed a system of herbal medicine that is truly astonishing in its breadth and achievement. The medicine continues to evolve today with scientific quests for treatments of new and old diseases. 

Chinese herbal medicine can be used in combination with acupuncture or on its own. I keep some medicines in stock, and some must be ordered. Formulas range from old medicine cabinet remedies for stomach aches and sore throats, to complicated,  personalized formulas for any number of complaints. 

Chinese Herbal Medicine FAQs

1. Can I take herbs if I take medications?

Sometimes. It depends on how many and which kinds. If you are on chemotherapy, immunosuppressive therapy, or take a whole pharmacy, Chinese herbs are probably not for you. If you take one or a few of the more common medicines, Chinese herbs are generally very safe to combine with pharmaceuticals. 

2. Do they taste bad?

Yes. Maybe we can find a pill? 

3. Are they expensive?

Not always. Some remedies are very affordable. Complex, individualized formulas created to treat serious disease can get more spendy. We can talk about that. You have choices!

4. Are there side effects?

Sometimes, and sometimes those are expected and of no concern, and sometimes we adjust the formula to eliminate them. It is important you tell me of any unpleasant effects you are experiencing from taking your herbs.

5. Do they work?

Heck, yeah! The won’t cure your cancer, and they won’t raise the dead, and they won’t reattach a severed limb. Just about everything else is fair game to try. Ask me!