I'm teaching a seminar because I care about acupuncture

I love acupuncture, but I didn't use to. Years ago, early in my practice, I wasn't sure acupuncture worked. Sometimes I would think magic was happening, but often patients were just slowly improving, and I wondered if it was me or time that was making people better. I heard stories about amazing acupuncture feats, but I didn't think any were happening in my clinic. I started to feel disengaged from my practice.

Fortunately, I was saved by a chance encounter with Japanese acupuncture. While this certainly isn't the only effective style out there, it is the one that resonates with me and the one that I rely on. Learning Japanese acupuncture changed my life! All of a sudden, really cool things started happening in clinic. Patients got better. I could see they were better. And I've spent the last several years continuing my studies.

Discovering methods that work has renewed my passion for acupuncture. It has also highlighted for me how many myths about acupuncture are floating around in the Chinese medicine community - myths about point locations, what kind of stimulation you have to do, how to select points, and when to expect results. I started to see how these myths were holding us back. I began to envision a seminar for acupuncturists from all traditions that would delve into the mysteries of this amazing treatment modality.

"Skills for Effective Acupuncture" is the incarnation of that vision. It is designed for practitioners from all traditions who want to get better results from the treatments they are already doing. Watching the masters work, one can see unifying assumptions and techniques that make our teachers so effective. This lab class will provide an opportunity for participants to refine their point selection, needle technique, and patient evaluation skills to increase acupuncture efficacy. This is not a Japanese acupuncture class! Rather, we will work with what you already know. Demonstration and small group practice with feedback will allow you discover your personal needle mojo. Enrollment is limited so I can give everyone personal attention. Please join me to play with needles and rediscover magic!

For details and registration, click the Seminars tab. See you in class!