Happy holidays from Peninsula Family Acupuncture!

Greetings, neighbors! The ice and snow have been melted away by the rain, and the full swing of the holidays is upon us. Here at Peninsula Family Acupuncture, that usually means a flurry of appointment activity. People cancel because plans have changed, or something happens and they need an appointment urgently. People say they don't want to come in because they will have family visiting, and then they need to come in because they have family visiting. 

I am here to serve through the season. You can come when you're sick, you can come when you're stressed, you can come because you strained your back getting the tree. I'll sell you a gift certificate for that person who is impossible to buy for. You can bring your visiting grandma, and I'll see her, too. I'll be away from the office for a few days right at Christmas, but otherwise I am here my usual hours.

The darkest part of the year is a time of quietude in nature, and north-dwellers traditionally feast and celebrate to clear the gloom and bring back the sun. May you find peace and joy with your loved ones!