We need to restore humanity to the workplace

I completely agree with the author of this piece in the New York Times. The author describes the recent trend toward ever-higher productivity expectations, 24/ 7 work contact, and shrinking workforces. I have been appalled by this trend for several years as I witness the stories my patients tell me about life at their workplaces. Where is the humanity of a 60 hour work week? How can it be called a vacation if you are both expected to respond to phone calls and e-mails AND no one covers for you while you are away? This has got to stop. 

Overwork in Chinese medicine damages the Spleen and eventually the Kidney, which can lead to a host of ills such as depression, insomnia, digestive upset, muscle tension, hormone imbalances, and more. I can treat those conditions with Chinese medicine, but what I wish I could do is give my patients a job transplant. I wish I could get them jobs that respect their humanity, that understand we are here not only to work, but also to play, be with family, and grow as human beings. 

I hope we are in an era that soon in the future will be regarded as the sweatshop era of the 19th century - a shocking system of human mistreatment and exploitation. If you have sick days available, take them. Vacation available? Take it. Life is too short. Clock out and live.