Sore shoulder, aching back, stiff neck, headaches, seasonal allergies, menstrual cramps, mental health, acid reflux, insomnia, arthritis... the list of stuff acupuncture can treat goes on and on! Acupuncture has been making people better for over two thousand years, so there has to be something to it! The Chinese government and the German government both include acupuncture in their national health services. The World Health Organization recognizes acupuncture as an effective treatment for several conditions. Enthusiasts the world over swear by it for any number of things.  

Needles! Now before you click away, know they are totally different from what you are picturing. See that photo up there? That’s an actual acupuncture needle. See how tiny it is? You’ll know I put it in, but it shouldn’t bother you after that. I’ll put some of those in you, here and there, mostly arms and legs and belly, and chances are, you will feel better! Acupuncture is pretty amazing, really. Early on I wasn’t so sure it really worked, but over a decade later and I can tell you, it does. It works for all sorts of things, some of the things you’ve heard about in the news, and a whole bunch you haven’t. It can’t cure cancer, can’t raise the dead, and can’t reattach a severed limb. Everything else we can try! The risk to you for trying is a small investment of time and money, and little else. That’s fewer risks than prescription drugs, steroid shots, or surgery, so give it a try. 

I have an eclectic style of acupuncture that is primarily Japanese-influenced. My primary teachers are Kiiko Matsumoto and Tsuyoshi Shimamura, but I incorporate some TCM, Richard Tan, and western anatomical needling as well. I want your treatment to be comfortable and effective. I want you to leave my clinic feeling better! Acupuncture treatments take about an hour, and are available in private and group settings.

Acupuncture FAQs

1. Does it hurt?

Not like you’re imagining. There is brief moment of minor pain, then that should be it. I often tell people it’s about like tweezing your eyebrows. An instantaneous sensation, then gone. If any of the needles stay painful, you need to let me know so I can fix it.

2. How long is a treatment?

For most people, one hour. Treatments may consist of one or two or three different sets of needles, depending on your condition. Very sensitive people may have treatments of just a few needles that are not retained very long. Some conditions may be treated with a single set of treatments retained for 40 minutes or so. It just depends!

3. Is it safe?

Remarkably so. Sometimes patients get a bruise where a needle was, but that is uncommon and purely cosmetic. It isn’t a painful bruise. When done by a trained acupuncturist, it is very safe! I use single-use surgical stainless steel needles.

4. How long does it take to get better?

This is a difficult question to answer, because everyone is different. Some conditions, like sore throat, body pains, or headache, I expect to have you notice you feel better at the end of the treatment. Other conditions like longstanding arthritis, chronic diseases, skin conditions, infertility or high blood pressure typically take several weeks of treatment to begin really improving. In general, after the second treatment I will have a much better idea of whether I can help you and how long it might take.